Power Tools

So I’ve been doing a lot of construction the past couple weeks, and I’ve learned how to use lots of different power tools. Now, could I tell you what all their names are and what to do when something doesn’t work quite right? Ehh maybe. Some I’m better at then others. Drilling is my favorite. Probably cause I’m good at it and for the most part others aren’t (or it just takes more practice). I’m also good at the chop saw (even though I forget its name sometimes.). It’s a more technical/ detailed job and involves working with numbers – which I like.

As I was thinking about all the different tools and how each one is necessary in construction, it reminded me of the chapter in 1 Corinthians when Paul writes about spiritual gifts. Without all the necessary tools – hammer, nails, screws, chop saw, router, hand saw… Construction would be so much harder and take so much longer. Some tools are more difficult to use, some take more precision, some take more time and others involve seeing the whole picture and not just the details. Different workers have different strengths. But we brought it all together to create a house this week. We had many different power tools and we needed a team to carry out the work we had set out for us.

In the same way, God has gifted us each with different spiritual gifts such as giving, serving, hospitality, teaching, encouragement, wisdom, empathy… It’s easy to neglect the tools in our belt and try to do it on our own. But just like how each person’s tools are needed in construction, so it is with spiritual gifts also. We don’t need to just be present in order to get work done, we need to be willing. Willing to learn and work on our giftings.

As Christians, we are all part of the body of Christ. We are each gifted differently and each of our gifts are needed to create a team that glorifies the Lord. Sometimes we don’t know exactly what tools we have [I spent hours using the chop saw but it took me half a week to learn it’s name] but we need to be willing to use and practice the tools God has given us in order to have an effective ministry.